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Artwork requirements

Cut vinyl text/vectors

If you require cut vinyl text to be produced from your artwork we will need Vector files with all text converted to curves/outlines exported/saved as-


Cut vinyl text/vectors.


1) Artwork form original source -eg the original file that was digitally created from scratch in a suitable program, Illustrator, Photoshop or a recognised sign software can be saved at size (approx the physical size that it will be reproduced at) at 150dpi max file size around 40 meg, smaller or more simple artwork may not get near this digital size at 150dpi as detail and design will vary the size.

2) vector artwork can be saved as EPS, CDL, CDR, AI ,convert all text to curves/outlines.

3) Images/pictures/artwork that have been scanned will depend on - A) the > quality and size of the scanned item, B) the resolution that it was scanned at, always enlarge any images to full size on the screen, if it looks fuzzy then it will be reproduced fuzzy! Scanning a fuzzy image on a higher resolution will not work, you will still have a fuzzy image just as a bigger file. As a guide we scan glossy A4 images between150 - 300dpi depending on how large it will be reproduced and the type of image it is.

Bear in mind that if you scan a pic 100mm x 100mm at 150dpi then enlarge it to twice the size, you will half the resolution to 75dpi... every time you double physical size you half the res.

4) Include as much info as possible...Pantone, Rall number BS numbers etc.

5) Images from the internet are generally small and poor quality it is not a good idea to use anything from the web.

6) Anything can be re built or tidied up, the more time the more cost!

We can also accept - PLT, JPEG, TIFF PDF PSD FLEXISIGN

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